10 Best Places to Visit in Canada

Are you searching for whistling caves along the coast, or colorful, quaint seaside towns?  Do you long for fields of flowers and lighthouse backdrops? Red sand beaches, gorgeous boardwalks along the coastline and historical sites all are waiting at Prince Edward Island, Canada. Come to this island for laid back beaches, great seafood and picturesque views worthy of your best cameras.


Teapot Rock, Prince Edward island

Quebec, Canada holds such a cold love for tourist that they carve a castle for them. Every year the Hotel de Glace is chipped out of ice, right down to the glasses for the bar. Visitors can actually stay in the hotel overnight, sleep in fur-lined sleeping bags and enjoy a cold beverage. Brrrr!  For Canadians, sick of the brutal weathers, the Underground City was built in Montreal. Here, restaurants, hotels and train systems run under the ground and away from the elements above.

The Canadian Rockies are high-altitude amazement wrapped in gorgeous peaks and pristine lakes. Visit Maligne Canyon in Jasper to see limestone walls with fantastic waterfalls and trails. Don your headlamp and explore Rat’s Nest Cave at Canmore Caverns. Warning: This is not the place for claustrophobic people. Explore trails through the cave. Step over streams flowing over bubble-shaped rocks. Crawl through holes and slide through crevices on your belly. You will take home memories for a lifetime.

Located on the southern tip of the Bruce Peninsula is the Bruce National Park. Tobermory lies in the Bruce National Park. This is considered the scuba diving capital of the world. Underwater waterfalls, ancient corals from when the place was a tropical sea, and over 20 shipwrecks to explore, make this is a scuba divers Mecca. The park has great hiking trails and climbing opportunities, gorgeous moss covered rocky glades and big wildlife. Great for outdoor and aquatic enthusiasts alike.

Enjoy the red uniforms of the Royal Canadian Mounties in wild, untouched Saskatchewan. This Canadian province has wilderness galore for camping under the open sky.  Kiteboarding, kayaking the white water rapids, ziplining and wildlife watching are all waiting for those wanting to get away and hear their own heartbeat.

Wapusk National Park is a frozen tundra where the heartiest travelers can capture pictures of polar bears along the flat terrain. Because of its location, this area is difficult to access and you can walk for long stretches without seeing another person.

Alberta, Calgary is home to Canada Olympic Park. In 1988 the Winter Olympics were held here. The place is still used for training. Luge, bobsledding and freestyle skiing were all performed from this park. In the summer months visitors can bike the trails or zipline.

Horseshoe Falls is a must see. On the Canadian side of Niagara, this part of the falls is magnificent. At night the falls are illuminated with colored lights from behind, giving the falls a soft glow.  The mist from these falls is so thick it could be considered rain. Take an umbrella or rain jacket. Pack a picnic and sit on the grass to enjoy the scenery. Whatever you do, don’t miss seeing the top of the falls where water spills over and tumbles down. Amazing.

Head to Banff and have your breath stolen away as you ride up the side of the Rockies in a tram. You will get a birds-eye view of the trees and rocky terrain below. Look over at the majesty of snowy mountains, cut jaggedly against a blue sky.  Try the Sulphur Mountain Gondola. At the top you can stand in the observatory and be shielded from the elements as you enjoy the views.

If the wildlife of Canada is what you are looking for, head off to British Columbia. This is prime bear country. Over half of the grizzlys of Canada live in British Columbia. There are black bears and also the white ‘spirit’ bear- the Kermode. Here in British Columbia you can get as close as you dare to these bears. They are spotted beside highways, along mossy banks, in rocky streams and forest. There are several guide outfits that can take you to see the bears safely. It is not advisable to approach the bears without a guide.

If you like having the devil scared out of you, head for Ottawa, Canada and visit the Hi-Ottawa Jail Hostel. Grab a cheap room in the jail cells of this place that operated for a hundred years. It is said to be extremely haunted and visitors have reported hearing screams in the middle of the night, or having their cell doors slam shut. Sometimes people have had their personal effects get scattered along the cell. This was the last spot in Ottawa to have gallows.For those who like the fear factor- this is the place to visit.

Alert, Nunavut, Canada

Alert, Nunavut, Canada


If you would like to find somewhere solitary, somewhere with few people and no tourist to speak of, then head for Alert, Nunavut, Canada. This tiny village, population 5. Yes. 5. The nearest village is a small village over a thousand miles away. Here, with extreme cold and winds off the Artic Ocean, it is great to huddle up with a great book and read. No phones to jangle in your ears. No busy streets or nosy neighbors. This is perfect for poetic hearts and temperamental writers.

Canada, vast and beautiful, wild and unexplained, offers something for everyone. Come and see why.

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