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Thompson Okanagan Urges You to Get Outdoors

When traveling to Canada one of the greatest advantages is the fact that the landscape is so varied – which also means travelers are treated to a wide variety of sites, attractions, and types...


Exploring Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

When it comes to finding a place to unwind, Canada is filled with little known gems and one such gem is Cape Breton Island. The island is filled with a variety of natural beauty,...


Discovery Island Serves Up Plenty of Fun

Island living isn’t just for the Caribbean, in fact, Canada is home to all kinds of islands including Discovery Island in British Columbia. This rather unique group of islands is an archipelago and is...


Churchill, Manitoba – Polar Bear Capital of the World

Every once in a while there is an adventure opportunity that just blows all the other ones out of the water and Churchill, Manitoba located in Canada may just be that opportunity for you...


Why visit Vancouver ?

Canada’s third largest city Vancouver is known for its rich cultural offerings and diverse landscapes. The city is an Outdoor Wonderland – you can find sandy beaches, forest trails, kayaking routes, seawall bike lane...

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