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Italian Men are usually known to be Special Lovers. Much contribution to that comes from Italy’s history, culture, landscape, richly beautiful cities and little towns that offer unique opportunities for romance. Breathtaking view of the seas, well positioned restaurants, hidden corners in little villages, historical monuments, amazing countryside and hillside, villas, all set the right stage for proposal, romantic weekends and honeymoons. Virtually any place in Italy may become what you need to add that romance to your vacation. Here is a run-down of some of the popular romantic destinations in Italy.


Just think of a unique, incomparable city like Venice. For sheer romance, there are few European cities that can live up to it. For an unforgettable time, one may take a boat trip with the one of its kind “Gondola” around the outskirts of the city to appreciate the beautiful architecture from afar. Gondoliers are proud of their job and city and may well help you to make the best marriage proposal ever, maybe under Rialto Bridge or Sospiri Bridge. Even though the average cost of the tour in a Gondola spans around 80 Euro, it may be well worth the price. Otherwise the best – and only – way to get around would be on foot. Why not leave the guidebook in your hotel room one day and simply explore the streets ‘off piste‘. Around every corner there’s another bridge crossing the canal and another breathtaking view to take in.

Perhaps getting into a peculiar or hidden restaurant may make your day! But, which restaurants and where? The question regarding romantic restaurants is a perennial one. Proud Venetians would always answer that the romance is in Venice! Therefore, a restaurant should act just as a frame of this beautiful City.

Depending on the season of your visit (whether you can dine al fresco), terraces of all great hotels along the Grand Canal or the roof-top restaurant of the Danieli are good choices. If one is going out of season and is looking for a restaurant for eating inside there are a number of possible choices but one could try Antico Martini across the La Fenice theatre. None of these choices are cheap but they are really worth if you are experiencing the One Night and Time that can change your life. If you are already a seasoned married couple but still in love and your budget has been limited by Murano Glass Gifts your wife bought, then the Cantinone Storico, located near the Academy Bridge or “Ponte dell’Accademia” is indeed well recommended. Over the years, The Cantinone Storico has kept a renowned clientele of writers and artists, making it a truly typical Venetian Restaurant, in a romantic setting amongst bridges, canals and gondolas. Elegantly furnished, this restaurant offers dishes both from land and sea products, with an excellent selection of wines.


Not far from Venice, 116 kilometers away, you can find “across the Road” Verona, a city made famous by Shakespeare in his well-known romantic classic work, Romeo and Juliet. Flocks of young and old couple get into this beautiful ancient roman city to visit the house said to belong to Juliet in Shakespeare’s classic work and to stand below the balcony where Romeo called to his love.

Under the Access Gate’s wall, there’s space to leave your own love message as an authorized graffiti writing on the wall. Inside the Romeo and Juliet museum, you could do that via e-mail as well. The entire town, straddling Adige river, provides many romantic places in its historical center and bridges. Famous for its well-kept Roman Arena, Verona is also home to many amazing live classic and pop music concerts and operas.


If Verona is visibly an ancient Roman town, we should not forget Rome, the capital city, and the “Bella Vita” center back in the 60’s. Even though Rome has been subjected to several political upheavals, that special atmosphere you could breathe in the past in its historical city center, it’s still there. No one knows how to explain that, but it’s just there, and only in Rome!

Rome is also known as the Eternal City and wandering among the ruins of ancient Rome, the winding lanes of Medieval Rome and admiring the palaces and fountains of Renaissance Rome, you can feel the charm of those gone by era. There are countless excellent restaurants with seating on the street, where you can watch the world go by, enticing corners to explore and rose-sellers eager to make your evening remarkable, as you stroll over the Tiber, with the strains of gypsy music in the air. Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps, Castel S. Angelo, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Trastevere will all become pivotal to memories of your romantic break. There’s also this particular bridge, called Ponte Milvio, that following an Italian movie, “Ho Voglia Di Te” (I Want You), became popular among teenagers and lovers of all ages, which provides you an opportunity to leave behind remembrance of your love in the Eternal City. People leave a safety lock with their initials attached to the streetlamps or iron chains present on the bridge to signify their eternal love.

Other famous romantic spots in Italy are:

  • Como Lake : Ringed with beautiful villas and resort villages, this lake has long been a romantic travel destination. Bellagio, known as the pearl of the lake, is one of the most romantic villages. Surrounded by hills and mountains, Lake Como is in the Italian Lakes District near Switzerland. For a romantic view of the lake and Alps, you may want to take the funicular from Como town to the village of Brunate.
  • Positano and Amalfi Coast : The picturesque town of Positano is built vertically on the face of a cliff, making for stunning views of the sea. There are romantic restaurants with fantastic seafood and sea views. With its relatively mild climate, Positano, and the entire Amalfi Coast can be visited year round, offering you different breathtaking views from several unique spots along the coast.
  • Capri Island: The enchanting island of Capri has been a favorite destination since Roman times. Capri has romantic views, secluded coves and stunning beauty. The island is awash with fragrant flowers, adding to the romance. If you’re looking for romance by thermal pools, hot springs and fewer tourists, you can consider the nearby island of Ischia.
  • Portofino on the Italian Riviera Ligure is a picturesque, half-moon shaped seaside village with pastel houses, seaside restaurants and cafes lining the shore of the harbor. Portofino‘s crystalline green waters reveal a myriad display of aquatic life. A romantic castle and tiny church sit atop the hill overlooking the village. For a romantic walk, take the scenic pathway out to the lighthouse on the point. Nearby romantic Italian Riviera villages include Camogli and Portovenere.
  • Taormina has been one of Sicily‘s top travel destinations since it became part of the European Grand Tour in the 19th century and Sicily‘s first resort. Perched on the side of Monte Tauro, the town offers romantic views of the coast and Mt. Etna active volcano. Below the town are excellent beaches where you can swim in the clear sea water. Taormina has a medieval quarter, castle ruins and a Greek theater still used for summer performances.
  • Gulf of Poets may suit you if you prefer smaller more intimate towns on the coast, much popular in the past with romantic poets like Byron and Shelley who  favored this beautiful spot. Even in summer you won’t find big tourist crowds. Nearby are the famous Cinque Terre, romantic at night but usually overrun with tourists during the day.
  • Florence, where you can sip a glass of Chianti Wine in a “piazza” and enjoy the sunset over the River Arno and passionate paintings and frescoes in the Uffizi. You could stroll through manicured avenues past fountains and statues in the regal, hilltop Boboli Gardens of Pitti Palace, just south of the River Arno. Stop for postcard panoramas of Florence’s terracotta rooftops. Or walk under shady arches and porticos through arcades that line the edges of the picturesque Piazza Santissima Annunziata. This intimate square was the romantic setting for the costume drama – “A Room with A View”. Florence is in fact still much appreciated by British and American visitors, among almost 4000 of them have taken up residence in Florence.You can browse the gleaming jewellery shops and goldsmiths’ workshops in the old merchant stores built into the arches of the medieval Ponte Vecchio bridge for love tokens, while serenaded by street musicians. Restaurants in Florence are found in some of the most idyllic settings. Choose a trattoria and dine on rustic Tuscan dishes – Fiorentina steak or the heart-warming white bean soup, ribollita. Choose Il Francescano in Largo Bargellini, 16 – (piazza S.Croce), for softly lit intimacy and rustic décor near the marble facade of the Santa Croce church. Join the locals at dusk for their cool evening stroll – or passeggiata. Amble hand-in-hand past street performers and shop fronts on the wide Via dei Calzaiuoli avenue, which links the Duomo and the grand Piazza della Signoria. Or watch the sunset over the River Arno from Ponte Vecchio bridge.

When & Where to stay 

If you are planning for a visit, spring time or early September would be the perfect period to visit Italy. To save on costs and be located on a fairly cheaper and closer location to all romantic places, you may decide to find accommodation in Bologna. Central, modern and quiet medieval city, Bologna offers all the services you need: history, culture and really good food and entertainment. Only 1 hour train to the Adriatic Coast, 30 minutes with a fast train to Florence (€9-26 ticket price), 2h15m from Rome (€19-40 ticket price) and roughly 1h15m to get to Verona or Venice, with regular and frequent trains all over the day. Enjoy a romantic vacation with the love of your life in Italy and its marvelous spots, the right frame for your romance.

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