Nocelle – Along “The Path of the Gods”

Nocelle is a beautiful hamlet in the district of Positano, on the stunning Amalfi Coast. Nocelle is immersed in pure green nature, between holy oaks, brooms, lemon trees and vineyards. Nocelle is also called the hazelnut hamlet mistakenly, but actually is derives its name from the latin “nova cella” that is “new abode”. This name was given by the first inhabitants of this hamlet.  Located near the Positano city centre, in the past, Nocelle, thanks to its strategic position, served as vantage point to catch sight of pirate ships ahead of time so as to warn inhabitants of an impending raid. Nocelle is the oldest and highest hamlet in the district of Positano. It is for sure the perfect starting point for delightful walks onto mountain paths.

Nocelle street

Nocelle street

Nocelle is a favourite destination for all mountain lovers, thanks to its vicinity to the Lattari Mountains with the “Sentiero degli Dei” (Path of the Gods). Nocelle is in fact a little rural village suspended between sky and sea, where one can enjoy one of the most beautiful and breathtaking panoramic views of the Amalfi Coast, Capri Island and Punta Campanella. Another attraction of the place is 1700 steps stairs that connect Nocelle with Positano. Those who are passionate about trekking will take delight in combining their passion for mountain hiking and enjoying the natural surroundings with one of the most striking and exclusive panorama in the world.

Nocelle will be the right spot in the midst of the Amalfi Coast to enjoy privacy and quietness of the lively life and beauty that Positano and the Amalfi Coast have to offer from March till October. Eight Kilometers through winding roads separate Nocelle from Positano but if you love walking, you can enjoy the 3 kilometers shortcut walk that will plunge you directly into seafront. Be careful on your way back, you will have to be strong and trained enough to climb up those 3 kilometers.

 How to reach Nocelle

Well definitely with a car (yours or rented) from Naples, through the A3 Motorway and the 145 State Highway. It will take you for an unforgettable journey through the Amalfi Coast, passing Vico Equense, Sorrento, coasting along mountains plunging into the turquoise water of the Mediterrean Sea. You can also take advantage of one-day services. Especially if you are visiting on an organized trip or cruise, you could well choose to arrange for a taxi service to escort you through the Amalfi Coast, something many tourist decide to do, taking advantage of full of their 8 hours stopover in Naples. You can get competitive rates for up to 4 people, for a day tour with a private car and driver.

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast


If you want to enjoy a peaceful stay, consider delightful Villa della Quercia, a former monastery with spectacular views.  There’s quite a good number of Bed & Breakfast available in this little village, all nicely located and arranged.

Restaurant and Food

For food, Trattoria Santa Croce is a reliable low-key restaurant in the main part of the village. For those staying over in Nocelle the “Bagni D’Arienzo”, a beautiful beach club just down the shortcut walk and at the outskirts of Positano, is the perfect spot to enjoy incredible sea water, a relaxing day and a tasty restaurant. The staff is courteous and will offer you a free transfer shuttle boat from their beach to Positano Harbour, where you may decide to leave your car.  Only the boat trip from Ariento to Positano deserves already the day spent there. This is not the largest beach ever and it’s not a sandy beach either but with pebbles, it call for right kind of slippers for you. In July you can spend up to 8 euro for a beach lounger, a beach umbrella and free wi-fi for the day. Quite Cheap indeed for a marvelous spot in this world!

Well in Campania, the region hosting Nocelle, the food is culture. Not only culture, because you are going to taste the most delicious sweet tomatoes you ever had in your life,  tasty Buffalo mozzarella cheese, fresh seafood and fish, lemon juice and Limoncello and oranges!

What will be the perfect start to the perfect day? A typical Italian breakfast of cappuccino and cake should be the start of each of your days in Italy and especially on the Amalfi Coast and Naples Area where coffee is a sacred thing, and especially the best!  In Positano you can enjoy one of the very best of the areas pastries in La Zagara.  Instead one of the most characteristic restaurants of the area is the Da Alfonso al Mare, on the little beach of Laureto in Positano. Spaghetti alle Vongole is just one of the many traditional dishes served at most of the Amalfi Coast’s restaurants. Not a single thing you will choose will disappoint you! In Nocelle, you don’t have a wide choice since the only reviewed restaurant is “Il Ristoro de”, but you get great price and quality and a breathtaking view while eating delicious dishes. For lunch or a night out this is a good place.

Festivals and Local Events

The Summer on the Amalfi Coast is filled with events, festivals and more. You can’t miss the Fireworks at night and being in Nocelle you could be in the right place to enjoy them in the beautiful night views.  Nocelle has also got its own traditional festivity which is related to the “Madonna del Carmelo”, the city holy guardian celebrated each July 16 in the small church located in the main square.


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