Swan Creek Wine Trail – Day Trip

Nestled in Yadkin Valley is an amazing, and very entertaining, way to spend the day.  On Swan Creek Wine Trail you can visit five different wineries in one 20-mile area. Spend the day sampling great wines while enjoying the sights and beautiful smell of the vineyards.

Start the day at Laurel Gray Vineyards and Winery. 84 acres of farmland were converted from cattle farms to vineyards. 10 acres are planted with French grape varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and more.  Come Wednesdays-Sundays and enjoy a wine tasting in the converted milking parlor. $8 covers the cost and includes a souvenir Laurel Gray wine glass.

Next, head up the road to Raffaldini Vineyards and Winery. Here, great Italian grapes like Sangiovese produce bold wines with great aromas of cinnamon, blueberry and plums. But don’t just come to taste the wines- come for the atmosphere. At Raffaldini, the importance of family is evident in the art work on the walls, the Tuscan-style tasting rooms, even the food and wine served. It all reflects Raffaldini family’s commitment. Raffaldini offers wine tastings for $7 and that includes a commemorative wine glass.

Leave Raffaldini’s with some great cheeses and gift baskets from their gift shop and drive about 10 miles to Dobbin’s Creek Vineyards. Here, Chardonnay, sweet Rieslings and a variety of other blends await. Taste Hemric Red and Hemric Blush as you enjoy the view from the log-cabin tasting room. Here, the wine bar is made of 100-year old cherry wood, harvested from the farm. Speaking of farms- tobacco plants used to thrive where the vines are now. History and scenic beauty are all wrapped up in a mountain backdrop here at Dobbin’s Creek Vineyards.

In the mood for something sweet? How does Shortcake strawberry wine sound? A glass of this, enjoyed in the tasting room at Shadow Springs Vineyard, is perfect by itself. Enjoy the stone fireplace and natural wood tones while looking out of the windows into the Yadkin Valley.

Other wines produced here include two French-American hybrids; the Seyval Blanc, which makes a sweet or dry wine, and the Chambourcin, which makes deep, fruity red wines. Take a bottle of L’Amour Doux (Sweet Love) home to enjoy. With a sweet, honey/citrus taste, this wine is sure to be the grand finish to a good meal.

Windsor Run Cellars will be the last stop on the Swan Creek Wine Trail. Here, the tasting room serves wine from two vineyards, Windsor Run Cellars and Ferguson Vineyards.

Windsor Run Cellars has both a winery and a distillery that produce high proof Brandy. Come and tour both sides, see the stills, and then taste the finished products. In the tasting room, visitors can taste five Ferguson wines and two Windsor wines. A complimentary logo glass is included in the $5 cost. You can also try the brandy.

We believe you will enjoy a day spent on the Swan Creek Wine Trail. Come and let the Wine Trail impress you!

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