Things To Do In Juneau, Alaska

When flying into Juneau, Alaska, you will immediately see the Mendenhall Glacier. This is just one of Alaska’s stunning sites. There are about 32,000 people living in Juneau, Alaska’s capital, and it is only accessible by boat or plane.

Juneau is very welcoming to tourists, especially during the summer. Downtown, the docks fill up with cruise boats, and the shops cannot wait to open their doors. If you are into shopping, you can find every single Alaskan souvenir and fine Alaska Native carvings here. There are several museums with cheap admission fee within walking distance from downtown. There are also plenty of booths offering tours and day excursions too. You can have taste of local cuisine at the breakfast lunch restaurant called the Sandpiper, which is right near the bowling alley.

There are essentially three parts to Juneau: Downtown, Douglas Island, and the Valley. You will need some type of vehicle to get around these places. The bus system is incredibly easy to use. It essentially is traveling in a giant circle with some express routes, routes to Douglas, and whichever side of the street you stand on is the direction of the circle you will go. The farthest end of the circle from downtown in the Valley is the university. Riding public transportation will definitely give you an overall good tour of the city and view of the local people. The bus does not go out to the Mendenhall Glacier, but there are many tours you can book to go all the way there.



The Mendenhall Glacier is a United States National Park. It is free to enter and you can hike around. In the summer there is a run-off waterfall which is very close to hike from the visitor’s center. The facility is accessible for all ages and has clean bathrooms. The place is often chosen by local people as a preferred destination for their weddings because of the serene beauty. In the winter you can actually hike or ski on the frozen lake in front of the glacier and go right up next to it.

Juneau will always be such a unique little big city. There is only one McDonald’s and two movie theaters in the entire city, yet Juneau is full of vibrant people, with rich history. Many locals continue to speak in their Native language, wear their traditional clothes, and almost everyone eats many traditional food. Juneau was very much affected by the gold rush from the rugged building and geographic features.

Juneau may not have a great number of thing to do but Mother Nature puts on quite a display for those adventurous enough to go looking in the Last Frontier. There are always new sites to discover and events happening around the year. The Juneau community also has a way of making all feel welcome, and you may not ever want to leave.

Tracy Arm fjord

Tracy Arm fjord

Some of the must see places in Juneau :

Tracy Arm Fjord

Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure

Glacier Bay National Park

Mount Roberts Tramway

Last Chance Mining Museum

Juneau-Douglas City Museum

Alaska Brewing Company

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